For many, the home office presented a different way of working during the pandemic, and although it came with its own unique challenges, it also enabled employees to better control and personalise their working space.

We are not talking about a family photo and house plant, but the sensory environment they work in. The ability to control noise, selecting a location with natural light, setting the desired temperature, and even creating the right level of visual stimulation.

Post-pandemic, we have a heightened awareness of our sensory environment, and are better informed now to know what works best for us. We are all unique - generational groups, neurodiversity and personality types - creating spaces suitable for focused work and the optimum sensory environment can increase cognitive performance by 5-6%, as well as giving us the sense the work place environment is supportive should be workplace.

Creating a workplace that enables us to THINK effectively, is not about personalisation, but creating flexible spaces where knowledge workers can choose to work, feel comfortable, and cognitively perform.

Unlock cognitive performance with Optima

Recognise neurological, individual differences and preferences.

Design spaces that reflect work-based activities and preferences.

Implement sensory aspects proven to improve cognitive performance by up to 6%.


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The Chameleon Workplace - the evolving relationship between people, technology and the built environment.

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The great workplace experiment.

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