For wealth management firms focused on growing assets under their control and meeting tighter regulations, building client loyalty and trust is crucial.

Communicating effectively is paramount, but the pace of innovation is testing traditional communication models and legacy platforms.

The solution 

Like many others in the sector, asset and wealth management firms are having to rethink their approach to clients and the way they communicate, as well as the products and services they provide. Creating more meaningful, personalised communications with investors – to share information, build trust and develop a better user experience – is vital to business growth. 

How we can help 

Our global workplace solutions are designed to reduce the cost of business support services, improve employee experience and help firms grow their business sustainably. Our winning combination of people, processes and technology (supported by a global footprint and 24/7 capability) can improve and integrate front, middle and back office functions – everything from document production to front-of-house services. 

Why Paragon Workplace Solutions? 

We support asset and wealth managers anywhere in the worldbacking up robust infrastructure and a market-leading talent pool with proven workflow tools and cutting-edge technology that allows staff to access business support services on multiple devices. We deal with the day-to-day, while you concentrate on strategic goals.