Today’s most successful businesses are streamlining workplace solutions to reduce costs, improve productivity and gain a competitive edge.

But many lack the knowledge, experience and technology to do so. Others don’t always recognise that a high-performing workplace is a critical factor in creating the improved employee experience that drives better business performance.

Paragon Workplace Solutions helps organisations improve performance by introducing design thinking, automation, technology and user-friendly processes to marketing and business support services. But for us, delivering services isn’t enough. By placing employee experience at the heart of everything we do, we’re committed to building empowered networks of people, technology and process that help businesses succeed. 

Employee services

Supporting your employees and giving them superb everyday experiences has never been more important. It’s how you’ll stay competitive in today’s world. In short, employees who are valued are more effective, and help your organisation prosper. We support your employees in the workplace – removing repetitive, everyday tasks so they can concentrate on what they do best. 

  • Business administration & Secretarial services 
  • Concierge 
  • Employment services 
  • Training  

Knowledge management

Knowledge is power, and your organisation will hold a lot of information to help it succeed. But where is that knowledge? Too often it’s tied up on shared drives or buried deep in documents. We’ll help you liberate that knowledge and translate it into actionable insight that will help your employees perform better, and improve the way they collaborate with colleagues and engage with clients. 

  • Research & Analytics 
  • Data management and insight 
  • Knowledge management 
  • Business information services 

Workplace services 

What does a workplace mean these days? Is it an office, your home, a shared working space or a meeting room? Or in the post-pandemic ‘new normal’, some sort of mixture of all? Wherever and however you work, our dedicated teams and specialist services can provide everything to operate effectively and seamlessly in traditional workplaces and the most complex of hybrid models. 

  • Workplace supplies
  • Workplace design
  • Managed print services
  • Reprographics 

Business Process Outsourcing

No one expects you to be great at everything. Business Process Outsourcing combines your core business expertise with the skills and services of a best-in-class partner. We’ll start by unravelling complex in-house functions and look for ways to improve them. We’ll develop industry-specific strategies for flexible, scalable and cost-effective outsourcing that delivers better outcomes. 

  • Business Process Outsourcing 
  • Legal services 
  • Virtual workforce 

Document production

Digital transformation is everywhere... but written documents are still essential for recording and sharing important information. We take audio files and transcribe them, write up technical and legal documents from drafts, and make sense of hand-written notes. We also manage mass communications – using data and transactional information to create personalised documents that can be posted or delivered securely, electronically. 

  • Document production 
  • Transcription and language services 

Transactional & Secure communications

We produce more than 200 million communication packs each year for some of the UK’s best-known brands. Customer documents, transactional information, regulatory communications... all delivered quickly, efficiently and securely across multiple channels. We’re the UK’s market leader with a dedicated infrastructure and unrivalled expertise – and a commitment to innovation and optimisation that improves clarity, branding and postal efficiency for all our clients. 

  • Transactional communication services 
  • Secure and regulatory communications 

Mailroom & Distribution

Couriers, parcels, deliveries to the desk... we keep your onsite operations moving. Our people are on the ground to help organise meeting rooms or set up events. But we’re also behind the scenes with the innovative transformation of important services (such as digital mailrooms and outward mail services) to speed up operations and simplify the everyday services that employees rely on. 

  • Digital mailroom 
  • Hybrid mail 
  • Couriers & Distribution 
  • Porterage 

Records management 

Customers need to know that their records are safe. So do the regulatory authorities. We provide compliant, controlled records management – from tagging and allocating records at the front end to the management of the storage and retrieval processes. Meanwhile, as knowledge management systems become more integrated, we’ll feed your corporate knowledge with key metadata and insights from your stored assets. 

  • Records and metadata management 
  • Physical record storage and retrieval 

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