Where and how we work has changed dramatically in the last couple of years. Hybrid or distributed working, isn't a new concept, but has now become part and parcel of how many of us work today.

There are many reasons we choose to work from locations outside of the traditional workplace; increased flexibility, saving on commute costs, or the sense of improved personal productivity. Or maybe the workplace just didn't work for some even before this step change and move to formalised hybrid working. At the same time, we are seeing a 12 year high in employee resignations and phrases link 'war on talent' and 'the great resignation' have become commonplace amongst leadership groups in all sectors. The workplace plays a key role in how employees FEEL about their role and employer.

There is a relationship between our newfound attitudes and desire to work flexibility, and the increased level of transiency of employees moving between organisations.

With that backdrop, and that a 'positive workplace environment and culture' is cited as a reason to pick an employer - more than ever, the workplace experience will directly influence business performance, its competitive edge, and ability to perform in challenging conditions. So, the workplace now battles with the concept of needing to become a 'destination'. We purposefully choose how and where we spend our personal free time (and money) each time we leave the house to eat, shop or socialise; we do it for a wider choice, better experience, or atmosphere that matches our mood. The workplace needs to offer something that employees can't easily achieve or experience at home and ensure the relationship employees have with their employer brand is not a remote, transactional one, but creates an emotional connection with the brand, its purpose, and people culture.

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Ability to motivate and inspire employees beyond a transactional relationship

Establish sense of belonging and connectedness to brand and each other

Access 10-20% discretionary effort employees consciously choose to give


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The Chameleon Workplace - the evolving relationship between people, technology and the built environment.

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The great workplace experiment.

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