There are countless research papers telling us that employees believe they are more productive than ever before working from home. But in reality, the sense of productivity is influenced by one overriding principle; how well the workplace environment supports individual-focused work.

Individual-focused work is only one of 10 core work-based activities that Paragon Workplace Solutions recognise an effective workplace needing to support. This raises an important point, if an employee's role is more than individual-focused work, the workplace still plays a very important role in employee productivity.

In order to aid productivity (individual and collective) the 'DO', functional aspects of the workplace need to reflect how employees interact with the workplace and each other. The use of data-informed personas enables us to better understand and respond to how employs use the space and what for. But more importantly, ensure the facilities, services, resources, and technology are fit for purpose and we are focused on improving what matters most for all employees, not just those that shout the loudest.

The psychology of the workplace should not be underestimated. Its ability to create a sense of community, purpose, and connection, and how a physical environment can aid learning, knowledge sharing, recognition and be the catalyst to solve a problem, or even resolve a dispute, should not be undervalued if you want to attract and retain the talented employees you so richly deserve.

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