Insight paper

21 December 2020, 12:00
By Dean Music

The Past, Present and Future - The last decade has been both turbulent and innovative in equal measure, dramatically impacting our workplace

Economic, health and political uncertainties – the UK is still in fierce debates whether and/or how best to leave the European Union – add the implications of COVID-19 in the mix, leaving many organisations to question their investment and stake on British soil.  

We’ve watched brands vanish from the market while new disruptors have taken their place and shaken things up. And we’ve embraced technological innovation, which has evolved at an unprecedented rate both in corporate worlds as well as in our personal lives.  

It’s therefore no surprise that this change has had a knock-on effect to the world of work and how employees view their place within organisations. 

The cost of prime corporate real estate has skyrocketed in recent years. Nothing new there. But one thing has changed – the rise of constant connectivity and subsequently, remote working.