As millions adapt to working from home, it has never been more important to make employees feel valued and supported.

Not only because it can make them more productive, but also because it’s the right thing to do. Employees can feel isolated by physical distance and poor communication technology, while health and wellbeing can suffer in an environment not designed for work.

Our work@nywhere solution provides the basics – and much more – to ensure your employees can work effectively in any location. From equipping the office to connecting teams with the latest tech, we’ll set things up in three easy steps. We’ll also help employees access services and equipment normally only used onsite, in ways that are secure and compliant.

The basics 

If your employees are working from home, we can provide everyday equipment to make them feel comfortable, including desks and chairs and safety products – even desk-side heaters and fans. 

Communications & Technology 

From large screens and laptop docking stations to wireless speakers and headphones and upgraded cameras – plus support for all the latest communication apps - we can help connect your employees, wherever they are. 

Printing & Supplies 

Thought print rooms and stationery cupboards were things of the past? We can support remote workers with printers, shredders and everyday stationery – with automatic replenishment of consumables.