Lead generation is critical in the quest for profitable growth – but is often carried out as an ad hoc activity. Even with strategic planning, many businesses find it difficult to communicate the unique strengths of their brand.

Get all that right, and important marketing messages and sales opportunities can still be lost when departments are not connected. 

Paragon Workplace Solutions provides the tools to successfully communicate differences, improve insight to customer motivation and behaviours, and improve engagement. We combine high-performing specialists in creative and content with leading-edge technology and innovative tools – such as advanced KYA, business storytelling and data analytics – to build customer intimacy and improve sales results. 

Our Sales Enablement Solution

Marketing technology 

We’ll make sure that shared ideas, content and strategy come together in sales-ready materials that tell a consistent story to your audiences in the channels that are important to your business.  

Customer relationship management 

No two customers are the same. We’ll help manage your interactions with prospects and customers, so you can take a pro-active, knowledge-based approach to engagement. From identifying audience requirements and formulating the message to managing their response. 

Brand management 

Brand is more than a logo and a strapline; it’s also everything you say and do. But getting the visual elements wrong can be just as damaging to your reputation. We’ll make sure your visual brand is consistently applied across all marketing and sales collateral. 

Data & Insight 

We look beyond the numbers in a CRM system and use intelligent data analysis to give us real insight. What are the trends, where is the market heading, and how effective is your use of marketing technology? We’ll then apply the results to ongoing strategy.